Robber-Proof Security For Your Business

If you own a small business, theft is one thing that you can prepare for in advance. Taking the proper precautions ahead of time can save you the aggravation of dealing with being the victim of a robbery. Here are some ways that you can use to make your business safer from breaking and entering crimes:

Alarm Systems

Having an alarm system if you are a small business is almost a necessity if you want to be completely secure. There are security systems available that can alert authorities to come to your business as soon as an alarm is tripped. Some systems have silent alarms, so the intruder would not be notified ahead of time that law enforcement is on the way. This helps because there will be a chance in apprehending the intruder before they try to hit another business.

Keep Things Lit

When you close up your business for the day, turn on several lights so that the business is lit up and able to be seen from the outside. This will alert people if there is someone inside that should not be. It will also deter thieves from wanting to steal from your establishment because there is a greater risk at being seen. Thieves would rather try to steal from a business that is dark, where they can get inside without being viewed.

Keeping lights on at night will also alert neighbors and law enforcement if there is a problem. If a neighbor notices the lights are off, they may call law enforcement to check it out. Law enforcement patrolling will get used to you having the lights on as well and will be alerted to a potential theft if the lights are all of a sudden not on.


You should keep your cash register drawer open and have the room lit up so it is in view. The same holds true for any safes on the premises. Make sure your safe is bolted to a floor or wall so that it can not be stolen easily. If it is in view, it will be a less likely target.

Doors and Locks

You should have solid doors that can not be broken into easily. Glass doors can be broken and easily opened. Having a double-entry lock can work to your benefit as the thief would not be able to enter by sliding their hand through to unlock the door, if they break a window. To learn more, contact a company like High Security Locksmith with any questions or concerns.