The Security Services Of A Commercial Locksmith

When it comes to improving the security of their business, far too many business owners fail to even consider the services of a commercial locksmith. This is quite unfortunate because thanks to their expertise in exploiting security flaws to gain access in the event of a lockout, these locksmiths are often the ideal professionals to help eliminate these flaws in your security system. Below you will learn more about the many services that these locksmiths may offer to help improve your business security.

Installing Keyless Entry Pads

Traditional locks can be manipulated in order to gain access to your business. In fact, even high security locks can prove useless against a master lock picker. This is why more and more locksmiths are now recommending the use of electronic, or keyless entry pads.

There are many different types of keyless locks that you can use to secure your business. For instance, while some locks will require the use of a pin number or code, others will rely on biometrics in order to bypass the lock. Choosing the type of lock that is right for your needs will depend greatly upon the level of your security risks.

Not only can a commercial locksmith help you to choose the right lock for your needs and install this lock for you, but they can also help you to troubleshoot any problems that you may have with your locks in the future, such as the need to reprogram the lock with a new pin code.

Performing A Security Audit

If you are looking for ways to improve your company's security, chances are you have already installed a basic alarm system. However, while you may believe that your alarm system is state of the art, the truth is, this system may have many flaws that could be exploited by a determined criminal.

The security audit services that many commercial locksmiths now have to offer will allow you to identify any weakness in your current security system and develop a plan to overcome these weaknesses. For instance, if your locksmith determines that blind spots surrounding your entry way are a security weakness, they may recommend the installation of an intercom that allows you to communicate with the person on the other side of the door before choosing whether or not to open it. In most cases, your locksmith will also be able to help you put this new plan into action by selecting a high quality intercom and completing the installation for you.

A Final Thought

While security companies specialize in identifying the best security products on the market, locksmiths specialize in finding ways to bypass these security features in order to gain entry into a home or vehicle in the event of a lockout. Consequently, a commercial locksmith at places like Irvine Lock & Key will be uniquely qualified to help you turn your business into the virtual Fort Knox that you would like it to be.