Why Making A Car Key Chain Is A Wise Idea

The concept of wearing a wallet chain is probably comical to many people but it can be adapted to benefit people who regularly lose their car keys. Creating a key chain that attaches to the pants in this way is a good way to protect keys from being lost. But why does this matter so much in the first place?

Losing A Key Can Be So Costly

Losing car keys can be an annoying situation because it can either cause a person to get locked out of their car or unable to start it up. Even worse, it can cost a lot of money. For example, a new fob and key, including programming the key, can cost up to $300. These days, most cars require keys that have a special chip in them as an anti-theft mechanism.

Even worse, those who own newer cars with smart keys may end up paying as much as $400 to replace their key. These costs are compounded by the danger of somebody finding the keys and somehow connecting them to the car. While not very likely, it could occur if the keys get lost right next to the car or if someone stole them from the car owner.

Hiding A Key Can Also Be Trouble

There are many different places car owners could hide a spare set of car keys, but these hiding spots have problems. For example, they could place the keys in a small metal box that sticks to the underside with a magnet. The only problem here is that this increases the risk of the car getting stolen by a tricky robber. At this point, many car thieves anticipate a spare key under here.

Other people may try to store an extra key in a wallet or purse. Again, this is a problem if the purse or wallet is stolen or if it is locked in the car. While there's not anything really wrong with hiding a spare key somewhere, it is wiser to simply avoid losing car keys in the first place.

Creating A Key Holder

The best way to avoid losing car keys is to make a simple key chain that attaches to a set of pants. This chain is basically the same thing as a wallet chain, but will work slightly differently. Making a wallet chain is as simple as attaching a small chain to a device that locks on pant loops and adding another loop to the opposite end of the chain that attaches to the wallet.

For this project, it is important to ignore the puncturing of the wallet and to instead add a simple key chain loop at the end. Place the car key on this loop, attach the other end to the pants, and place the chain and the key in a pocket when not driving. When driving, remove the loop from the pants and return it after finishing driving.

In this way, it is possible to create a key chain that will ensure a person never loses their car keys again. While it might be heavy at times, it is more than worth it for someone who has trouble keeping track of their keys. In this way, they'll never be locked out of using their car again. For more information or assistance, contact companies like The Lock Shop.