Three Things Not To Do When You Lock Your Keys In Your Car

Upon realizing that you've locked your keys in the car, especially if it's running, it can be difficult to make a calm decision. You'll often feel partly embarrassed and partly inconvenienced, and you may opt for the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, this isn't always a good idea. Sometimes, the first thing that you think of can be detrimental in any number of ways. It's a better idea to take a deep breath and call a local automotive locksmith. Someone will arrive on the scene shortly to open your vehicle so that you can retrieve your keys and be on your way. Here are three things that you shouldn't do.

Attempt To Break Into Your Car

Some people are so panicked upon realizing that they've locked their keys in the car that they make a rash decision such as attempting to pry open one of the windows so that they can reach the lock. While this approach may indeed help you retrieve your keys, you can cause a significant amount of damage. And, likely, the damage will cost more to repair than you'd spend paying an automotive locksmith to open your door safely and without damage to your vehicle.

Flag Someone Down To Help

Whether you're in a parking lot or are stuck on the side of the road, another instinct might be to flag down a passing motorist to give you a hand. Although most people who approach you to offer help will ideally be well intentioned, predators may also take the opportunity to target you, as they can already tell that you're panicked and vulnerable. Instead of taking this chance, an automotive locksmith is a trustworthy individual who can be on the scene quickly.

Going Home To Get Your Spare Keys

Another option that many people may consider is calling a friend or family member to take them home, where they can collect their spare keys, return to the vehicle, and unlock the door. On the surface, this idea may seem perfectly suitable — and it can definitely work. However, it's not necessarily a good idea to leave your vehicle unattended. Someone walking past may be able to see the keys sitting on your seat or stuck in your ignition, and may be compelled to break a window (or, in the case of a professional criminal, use a special tool to force open the door lock) and steal your car in a matter of seconds. When you call an automotive locksmith, you're able to remain with your vehicle until help arrives.

For more tips on what you should do if you lock your keys in your vehicle, contact a locksmith like Doug's Lock & Key.