How To Unlock A Twist-Button Door Lock Without The Key

If you have kids, then you know that they do some of the craziest and most frustrating stuff, including locking doors for which you do not have keys. If you are locked out of your bedroom late in the evening because your child turned the twist button lock and shut the door, you can call locksmith services. You can also unlock it yourself, even if you do not have the key:

Try Removing the Hinges

Modern hinges have a long bolt that slides through the hinge. Some older hinges are like this as well. If you can, try removing the hinge pins with pliers. The pliers should grip the head of the hinge pin and pull straight up. If you can get the hinge pins out, use a crowbar to wedge between the door and the frame and wiggle it forward. This will get the door off, and then the lock is not a problem.

Finger-Catch Lock "Pick"

A locksmith knows how to pick a lock and has the tools to do it. However, with a twist-button lock, you can fashion a tool that will do the same thing the locksmith would do. You will need a piece of metal wire that can fit between the latch and the lock's face plate in the door frame. It should not bend under pressure, but it should be bendable.

You will need to bend the end of this piece of wire to form a small "L" hook or "finger-catch." Then insert this piece of wire with the bent "L" end into the space between the lock face plate and the latch. Use the "L" end to grab the latch from the interior side and pull slightly while you pull the door handle. The door should pop right open. If it does, be sure to unlock it right away so you do not have to repeat this process.

Crawl Through a Window

If you leave your second story windows unlocked, get a ladder that will help you climb up to your bedroom window. Open the window and climb through. Just make sure someone holds the base of the ladder for you so that it does not fall while you are trying to climb through the window. Then unlock the door from inside your room.

If None of the Above Work

If neither of the above work, call a locksmith. Even with the late hour, most locksmith services offer 24/7 service and can unlock your door for you. The locksmith may even show you a tip on how to unlock your door in the event that your kids lock your bedroom door again in the future.