Want New Keys Made For Your Rental Property? 3 Tips For Using A Locksmith

As a landlord or property owner that rents out a space to tenants, you're likely responsible for making sure that your tenants feel safe and comfortable in their apartment or rented house. If you're eager to make sure that your tenants feel comfortable renting with you, it's best to visit a locksmith and get keys made specifically for their needs. If you're unsure of what to ask for when visiting with a locksmith, keep the following tips in mind so that you can help your tenants feel as secure as possible while living at your property.

Get Spare Keys for Both You and Tenants

One way to ensure that everyone feels comfortable is to provide multiple sets of keys. Even if your tenant is going to be living alone, there's a chance that they might want to give a spare key to a friend or family member. By giving them at least two pairs of keys, you can make sure that they don't feel uncomfortable with their access to their rental space. Having some spare keys for yourself can also ensure that you'll be able to enter the property when needed for maintenance.

Make Sure the Keys Work for Every Lock

Before having a locksmith come by, it's important to consider just how many doors you'll need to have new locks put in. In order for your tenants to easily get around the apartment and access each door safely, you'll want to have multiple locks changed. Making sure that all the locks open with the same key can be much more convenient for your tenants rather than expecting them to alternate between several keys to open doors throughout the rental.

Check if Any New Security Measures Should Be Put In

Along with having the locks changed for all of the doors, this is a good opportunity to look into whether any other security measures need to be made. This could mean replacing the locking mechanism for the windows or adding bars to some of the windows if you're concerned about break-ins. Additional security features can also make tenants more interested in your apartment, leading to it being rented easier when it's vacant.

As you look into hiring a locksmith to visit your rental property, such as from Scottsdale Locksmithing, it's best to consider what will make the biggest difference in keeping renters happy. With the above tips, you can make sure that the tenant feels safe when renting with you.