4 Reasons To Rekey Instead Of Replacing Your Locks

Having your locks changed can give you greater peace of mind, especially if you've recently moved into a new home. However, there's also the option of having your locks rekeyed instead of being replaced outright. Having your locks rekeyed gives you same security benefits as replacing your lock. There are also several other advantages to lock rekeying, as explained below.

It's Less Time-Consuming

Think about how much time it takes to replace every single lock in your home. Your locksmith has to perform the painstaking task of removing the lock set from the door and replacing it with the new hardware. Not only could it take hours to have all of your locks replaced, but it could end up costing you if your locksmith charges by the hour.   

Rekeying your locks, on the other hand, takes significantly less time. All your locksmith has to do is rearrange the pins within each lock cylinder to prevent your old keys from working.

You'll Spend Less Money

Having your locks rekeyed not only saves time, but it also saves you money. According to HomeAdvisor, a locksmith may charge up to $300 to change your locks. In comparison, your locksmith may charge up to $25 per lock cylinder plus a minimum fee of $40 to $100 to rekey that same lock.

You Won't Lose Your Old Locks

Your old locks might match well with the décor of your home, so you're loath to give them up for generic locks or a lock set that might not look like the original. Instead of replacing hard-to-find locks, you can simply have them rekeyed. This way, you'll be able to keep your existing hardware and keep your home's overall appearance intact.

You'll Have Greater Flexibility

Having your locks rekeyed instead of being replaced also gives you plenty of flexibility. If you're tired of carrying around a bunch of keys for every lock in your home, you can have all of the locks reconfigured to accept a single key. This saves you plenty of time that would otherwise be spent fumbling around for the right key.

If you're not comfortable with having a single key for every lock, you can have it so that a main house key unlocks certain doors in your home and an auxiliary key for other doors. By having your locks rekeyed, you'll have greater control over your home's security while making entry convenient for your family. For more information, visit a business like Key One Locksmith.