3 Benefits Of Keyless Entry Door Locks For Your Business

Running your own business requires a lot of work, especially when it comes to protecting your investment. Most likely, you have locks on your doors to prevent intruders from stealing from or destroying your business. However, you don't have to bother with the old lock and key anymore. Thanks to advancements in technology, more and more people are choosing keyless entry for their business. Check out these three benefits to consider.

Makes it Harder for Burglars to Break-In

A common problem with normal tumbler locks is they are easy to pick. In fact, any criminal with a smartphone in hand can research how to pick a tumbler lock and break into your business. The older the lock gets, the easier it is to pick. There are pick-resistant options, but they can still be easily removed with a drill. Smart locks or keyless locks cannot be picked because there is no tumbler to adjust. Unless they have the keycard, appropriate app, etc., they cannot get inside your business through the door. You also don't need to worry if employees lose keys or leave and never return the key because you can simply revoke their access.

They Are Completely Customizable

Smart locks can be completely customizable to meet your needs. With standard tumbler locks, you may have a few options from which to choose, but there isn't really any way to customize an analog lock for your needs. With a smart lock, not only are there many brands from which to choose, you can usually request special features. For example, some businesses don't allow non-management employees in the office after hours without a manager. With a tumbler lock, you have less control over preventing non-management employees from entering. However, with smart locks, you can make it so their keycard or app doesn't work after hours.  

Let's You Monitor Door Usage From Afar

One of the greatest safety features of smart locks is they let you monitor the door from afar. If something went missing from the office in the middle of the night or on the weekend, you can see exactly which employees accessed the office and when. You can also usually set alerts, so if the door is unlocked, and no one is supposed to be in the office, you are immediately alerted. Last, some models allow you to lock and unlock the door from afar, so you can let in employees who may have forgotten their card or don't have access.

 Keyless entry is becoming more and more common for business because of the many benefits. With a smart lock, you get excellent security and protection. For more information regarding locks and lock repair, contact a locksmith in your area today.

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