Organizing Your Safe: Three Helpful Tools

Having a safe offers a great way to keep your personal items or valuables secure, but without proper organization, your safe can quickly become messy. Here are some helfpul tools you can use to restore order to your safe and make sure all your items are easy to find when you need them.

Magnetic Shelves

Some safes only come with a few large shelves, and that can make it harder to organize small items. Magnetic shelves make a great addition to your safe by providing multiple surfaces for organizing everything from your stamp and coin collections to jewelry boxes. You can find magnetic shelves at your local hardware store, or you can purchase small magnetic shelves meant for school lockers at a teaching supply store. Because they are easy to install and remove, these shelves also provide flexible placement options and quick adjustments whenever you need to make room for a large item.

Document Storage Boxes

If you use your safe to store important paperwork, consider investing in archival-quality document storage boxes. These boxes are designed to protect your paperwork, even in moist and damp conditions. This makes them ideal for use in your safe. Organize your paperwork into file folders, and then, slip the folders into the box. You'll have a neatly organized system of paperwork that makes it easy to find birth certificates, stocks, bonds, and other essential paperwork. Avoid storing papers in plastic bags, as the bags can accumulate moisture, and this can result in damage to your documents.

Magnetic Hooks

If you are storing jewelry in your safe, magnetic hooks can be a great option for organizing necklaces or strands of beads. Be sure to place them on the inside walls of the safe and not on the door, as the opening and shutting of the door can lead to tangling and damage. Arrange the hooks just underneath one of the shelves, as this can help protect your jewelry from dust that enters the safe. If possible, use hook-and-loop fasteners with adhesive backs on the wall where the hooks are. Attach cloth to the fasteners to create a protective layer for the jewelry. These hooks can also be used to organize spare car keys and other small items.

When you are ready to organize your safe, remove all of the items from inside. Wipe down the shelves and walls so everything is clean, and then begin the process of adding shelves, hooks, and boxes to keep your items neatly stashed away.

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