What Happens When You Need a Locksmith During COVID-19?

The definition of an essential service has been debated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Is a locksmith essential? Absolutely. Pandemic or not, there are occasions where you will need a locksmith, and it can certainly be an emergency need. Having said that, your experience with a locksmith might be a little different due to COVD-19 restrictions. So what can you expect?

Possible Disruptions

Not all locksmiths will be operating at full capacity. Emergency callouts should be unaffected, and you should be informed about any disruptions (such as longer than expected waiting times) at the time of booking. If your need is urgent, you might wish to contact an alternative locksmith services provider.


At the time of booking, you should inform the locksmith if you happen to be self-isolating due to exposure to a person infected with COVID-19. This doesn't necessarily mean that a locksmith cannot attend your home, although certain extra precautions might be required. To be cautious, you might need to retreat to another part of your home and behind a closed door. 

Safety Precautions

Extra precautions will be utilized, regardless of any need to self-isolate. The locksmith will likely be wearing a face mask, along with other pieces of protective equipment, as needed. If they need to enter your home, the locksmith might also wear disposable shoe covers, so that they don't accidentally bring any contaminants on their shoes. 

Address High-Touch Surfaces

Ask if the locksmith will disinfect the surface of the lock and any handles they might touch. Door handles are classified as a high touch surface, and regular disinfection of these surfaces is wise, especially when they're touched by someone from outside your household. If the locksmith doesn't do this themselves, you may want to take care of it yourself.

A Safe Distance

Bear in mind that you will likely need to practice social distancing during the locksmith's visit, so you will need to stay a minimum of six feet away while the locksmith works. When you need to communicate with the locksmith, of course, you can safely do so while preserving a safe distance. But if your presence is not required, it can be best to leave the locksmith to their work.

Like any industry, locksmiths have adapted their services so that both they and their customers remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. But their services are essential, and as such, you can still count on them during these difficult times.