3 Things You Can Do When You Forget The Combination To Your Safe

More and more homeowners are choosing to add safes to their homes. A safe provides a protected place to store your valuable documents and treasured photographs. Many safes have the ability to withstand exposure to flooding, fire, and potential theft.

Unfortunately, a safe can quickly become a source of frustration when you forget the combination. Don't let a memory lapse stress you out. Here are three things that you can do when you forget the combination to your safe.

1. Find the Key

Many modern combination safes can be opened with either the programmed combination or a master key. The addition of a keyed entry allows you to access the safe's contents while bypassing the combination.

Check the door of your safe carefully to determine if a keyhole is present. If you are able to locate a keyhole, check for a key inside your user's manual.

The key not only lets you open the safe, but it also gives you the ability to reset the combination so that you can program a new series of numbers you will remember in the future.

2. Buy a Change Key

Safe manufacturers often produce change keys that are designed to override the combination setting on a safe.

A change key will not grant you entry to the safe, but it will reset the combination of the safe to the series of numbers used by the manufacturer. You can then enter this standardized combination to open your safe and access the contents within.

Some change keys allow you to establish a new combination, while others only provide combination reset services. You can purchase a change key directly from your safe's manufacturer.

3. Call a Locksmith

One of the most reliable ways to access a safe when you have forgotten the combination is to contact a locksmith service. Locksmiths have a wide range of tools at their disposal that can be used to open a safe.

Many locksmiths even attend training provided by safe manufacturers to learn how to access a locked safe without causing any permanent damage.

Your locksmith will be able to use a borescope to see the inner workings of your safe. Using the borescope as a guide, the locksmith will manipulate the lock mechanism on the safe until it releases and the door opens.

Don't let a forgotten combination prevent you from accessing your home safe. Find the original key, invest in a change key, or contact a locksmith to help you open your safe without causing any damage.