What Keyless Entry Options Can You Use For Your Business?

An office lockout can be pretty devastating since every second wasted negatively affect your business. So, how can you minimize such incidents? The best solution is to have a keyless entry option. 

With this option, you won't have to worry about locking yourself out. In addition, it boosts the security of your business and is easy to use. So if you want to accrue these benefits, contact a locksmith to get the system installed. Below are a few keyless entry options your locksmith may recommend. 

Biometric Keyless Option

A biometric lock is an excellent solution to curbing insecurity in your building. It will help you monitor every person entering and exiting the facility. Usually, the security system has to verify the identity of anyone entering the office. Besides that, you can trace their frequency in and out of the building by checking the timestamp. 

Identity verification involves scanning their fingerprint first before entering a secret code for the door to open. These keyless locks are best for upcoming businesses because they have plenty of memory for all your employees' fingerprints. 

Key Fobs Keyless Option

You have to pass an electronic device (a fob) in front of a reader in this locking option. Once you feed information from the fob to the reader, the details are then transferred to a central server for approval. If the two are compatible, you will be granted access to the building. 

Typically, your security personnel can tell who has entered the building since everyone has a particular fob. Another advantage of this keyless lock is that you can deactivate entries once a person enters the facility to keep your business safe. Should you want to restrict access to some doors, your locksmith can customize each fob to achieve that.

Smart Lock Keyless Option

Have you ever wished you could access your office locks remotely? Perhaps you left the office in a hurry, and you are unsure whether you locked a certain door? In that case, you might greatly benefit from smart lock systems. With a smartphone, you can open or close the door from any location. At the same time, you will get a notification for every entry into your building while you are away.

Keypad Keyless Option

Keypads are more applicable for larger businesses. To gain access, one has to enter a short unique key, and the door will open. You can opt for a mechanical or electronic system. Electronic keypads use a battery, but they also have a backup key should the batteries die. 

In addition, they light up when touched, and are thus operational even in the dark. However, if you prefer an easier option where you do not have to keep changing batteries, you should go for mechanical keypads. Unfortunately, you cannot deactivate entries in this option, meaning that everyone who has entered your business before will have access even after exiting. 

You can never go wrong with keyless security options such as the ones mentioned above. So if these sound like something you would like to invest in your business, contact a local locksmith company for professional installations, like Roland Park Lock And Key.