Why Your Business Might Want To Set Up A Master Key System

Is your business expanding to multiple different departments with more and more new hires coming on board? Do you have an increasing amount of intellectual property under development that you want to keep as secure as possible? Are you just tired of managing multiple keys or employee badges to access different parts of the building? It may be time for you to contact a commercial locksmith in order to install a master key system for your commercial building. Here are just some of the benefits that a master key system can provide.

Streamlined Security Offers Convenience

If you have multiple parts of the building under lockdown but you currently need multiple keys to gain entry to these different areas, this is going to become a hassle as your business continues to grow. With a master key system, you will be able to create one master and multiple sub-master keys to give certain employees access to multiple parts of the building with just one key. This means some employees will have to carry and manage fewer keys throughout the day, streamlining your security process but in a way that still helps you maintain control over employee movement within the building.

Restrict Special Areas From Non-Authorized Employees

Are you building something truly innovative that you don't want to get out to the public until you are ready? Have you had issues in the past with company IP or products in development leaking to the press? A master key system can help you restrict specific departments or rooms within the building while still allowing easy access to those people who need it.

Create a Key Hierarchy

When you set up a master key system, you will typically create one or more masters, a set of sub-masters that might work for large sections of the building but not the entire thing, and then individual keys for rank-and-file employees who only need access to one or two areas. This makes it clear where every employee is authorized to go and keeps people in their designated work areas so they can focus on their tasks. When someone is promoted, you can also "promote" them to a better key or set of keys within the master key hierarchy.

Let Management Respond Quickly

If there is ever an incident or emergency somewhere in the building and you want your managers to be able to get to where they need to go quickly, giving each of your company leaders a master key can allow them to quickly get through security. This will allow you to address the emergency sooner and get other employees the help they need.

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